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Piva Region


The Piva Region is situated in the Northwest of Montenegro. Positioned in the middle of the  Dumitor mountain range with Volujak and Maglic on one side and the breathtaking the Tara River canyon on the other is the town of Pluzine which is separated by these natural borders from neighbouring municipalities of Zabljak, Niksic, Savnik, Foca and Gacko.

The natural beauties of the Piva river canyon and the manmade Piva Lake dominate in the heart of the region, which gave the name to the entire region.

The Piva region is divided into three areas, all with specific natural beauties: Pivska Zupa (the area around the Piva River), Piva mountains (part of the Durmitor mountain range) and West mountain range (covering Bioc mountain and parts of Volujak, Maglic, Ledenica and Golija mountains). Villages built in the West mountain range area are at the highest altitude in the entire Balkans.

This all along with richness of wild life and cultural monuments make the Piva region a very attractive tourist destination. The breathtaking Tara, Piva and Komarnica river canyons are places that should be visited, as well as the Susica and Vrbnica River and glacier lakes: Skrcko, Susicko, Trnovacko and two Stabanjska lakes. Despite being artificial, Piva Lake is the jewel of the region, stretching 45km. The dam that formed  Piva Lake has a staggering height of 220 meters.

If you find yourself in this region, Piva monastery and Bogorodica Church are places to visit. In 1970 the original Piva monastery that was built in the 16th century was relocated to 840 meters, due to the construction of the Piva Lake dam that was being built. The new monastery radiates originality of the old monastery. Other places of interest are: Soko grad (Scepan grad), Gradina, the Tower of Lazar Socica and Dola.

Due to untouched nature, the variety of wild life is diverse, starting from numerous wild flowers and vegetation to wild animals (wolf, fox, rabbit, wild bore, bear, mountain goat, wild cat, and eagle) and river/lake wildlife (river trout, grayling and Danube salmon).

After the dam was completed the old town of Pluzine was submerged and a new town was built on the nearby hill on the shore of the lake. The new town of Pluzine is the youngest town in the Balkans.

If you desire to hunt, fish or engage during an active holiday (rafting, mountain walking, cycling), the Piva region offers it all, and do not forget the eco villages where you can experience local food and stay overnight in original huts.
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